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It's been ahile!

Posted by tmontgomer on November 3, 2016 at 12:45 AM

What a crazy year!  Lots of changes and projects going on at Dru's.  So far this year we have upgraded to a new Karaoke system that lets you search and submit your songs from an app, put in a new air conditioner, fixed up the bathrooms, repainted inside and out, rebuild the deck, added another new smoke master to help with ventalation and added a second cash register.  Plus alot of little things I can even remember! 

Now it on to the next project.  I am installing a Video/Muisc system!  It is AWSOME!  It plays the video on all the TV's (oh I forgot I replaced a bunch of TV's and I am adding more) and the music over the speakers!  It also has an app where you can request songs!  It's going to make for some fun parties!  Hope to be finished with the install sometime this week!

For next year we are going to continue making changes!  New big windows on the building!  No more dark hole!  It's going to be beautiful!  And then a huge change that has been needed since day one!  We will be moving the stage to the other side of the bar.  I am so excited!  We hope to have all this done by Jun 2017!  It's going to be a massive undertaking but it will so be worth it!

I really didnt know much about the bar business when I opened 8 yrs ago.  It has been quite and education.  I do know that it is important to never stop trying to make a business better!  I am committed to giving everyone a nice safe place to have fun!  I appreciate everyone who continues to support Dru's and grateful to be part of your lives and part of this community!  


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