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Life is Good!

Posted by tmontgomer on November 17, 2009 at 2:06 PM

We have a friend who had a real health scare that we just found out turned out to just be a scare.  We are so thankful that everything came back ok! 


Life is so full of twists and turns, one day you can be on a path where you feel like your on track to becoming who you think you are supposed to be and the next life can give you a totally new direction.  I guess the real secret is to embrace the moment, good or bad and know that you have the choice to find happiness in both.  Part of the miracle of life is that we don't know what is going to happen.  The best plan in the world can change in a heartbeat.  Everything is about balance and perspective.  We must have pain to know love and fear to appreciate the feeling of being safe.


Everyone always tends to reflect on their lives around the holiday season, but I really encourage you all to reflect each and everyday on the things and people that fill our days.  Even in the worst of times there is always hope!  Being thankful is not about a time of year, it is a way of life!  Life isn't always perfect, but it is perfectly imperfect.  That's the beauty of it!  This moment wherever you are and what ever you are doing just stop for one moment and smile because Life is Good and at this moment you can chose to be happy!


So good news from doc today just got me to thinking and I want to share some of those thoughts with you all.  May your day be beautiful!  Don't forget to dream while your awake!




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