Dru's Place

Not Just a Bar, It's Your Bar!

In the Beginning

In early June of 2008,I received two separate phone calls from friends telling us the Jungle was for sale.  Well we found it a little strange because we really never thought about opening a bar.  The second phone call came as we were sitting out on the deck just hanging out.  We both looked at each other and we could tell we shared the same curiosity.  I suggested we call Sharon (Owner of the Jungle) and just find out if it was even true she was selling.  So we did! 

The rest of the story goes like this...

30 min later we were meeting Sharon at the Bar

2 days later we confirmed I would purchase the Bar

10 days later it was a done deal (Signed on June 13th-Friday! Yes, on purpose!)

On June 22nd, I left my job

June 23rd (my birthday), I began working on the bar!

August 1st we found out we could sell beer and thanks to Shaun and  her ability to mass text we packed the place.

August 2nd was the Grand Opening!

To say there have been alot of changes in our lives is an understatement!  I never expected to go on this journey, but sometimes the Universe just makes its own plan and you go with it!  

So as you can see it was a wild ride and here's to it never slowing down!  Thanks to all who have become part of the Dru's Place family!   



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