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Feb. 19th - 22nd

Hey party people! 🎉 Looking for some week night fun? Come on down to Dru’s Bar this for some awesome events! 🍻

Monday, we’ve got “Happy Hour Karaoke” with the one and only Tami 🎤 Sing your heart out while sipping on some delicious drinks. 🍹 And guess what's happening every Monday night at 7pm? That's right, the Memphis Polyamory Meetup! 🎉 Come join us for food, friends, and fun. 😉 Don't be shy, everyone is welcome to join in!

Tuesday, get your dancing shoes ready for line dancing with “Q” at 6pm!💃 Yeehaw!

Wednesday, it’s karaoke round two with another $5 burger special 🍔 Who said you can’t have dinner and a show? 🎶

And on Thursday, we’ve got “Happy Hour”, “Papa Bear Trivia” at 7pm, and “Karaoke On Demand” at 9:30! 🐻 Test your knowledge and then serenade us with your favorite tunes. 🎵

So mark your calendars and bring your A-game, because Dru’s Bar is the place to be all week! See you there! 😉 #Dru’sBar #MidWeekFun #KaraokeNights #TriviaTime #BurgerSpecials #LineDancing #GoodTimes

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